write edge composition showcase

Saving Mother Earth

By How Kim, Y4

Date: 23/4/2022

            (🌟Story starter: Speech!) “Goodbye, I will see you tomorrow!” Tom hollered and waved farewell to his friends. It was a sweltering afternoon and all he wanted was a cold shower. (🌟Weather Description!) Just thinking about cold water running down his back made him squeal in excitement. (🌟5 senses-touch!)   Even though he was carrying a heavy bag, he took to his heels (🌟Great idiom!)  and made a beeline (🌟Impressive phrase!) home.

            Just as he was stepping into the void deck, he noticed a bunch of rowdy students (🌟Character Description!) loitering near the void deck. Their school uniforms were tucked out and they appeared unkempt. What he saw made him stop in his tracks and gritted his teeth. (🌟Word bank!) The boys were overturning the rubbish bins and were leaving litter on the ground without a care in the world! There were empty can drinks, plastic bags and torn newspapers all over the place! (*Setting Description +5 senses!) They were pouring their soft drinks onto the grass patch.

            Spying behind a pillar, his face turned red with fury. (🌟SNT-look-angry!) “How inconsiderate!” he muttered, shaking his head. (🌟S+ST+AT!) Ted had always been an advocate of the environment and the young lads were getting on his nerves.

            Without hesitation, Ted marched up to them. When they saw him approaching, the colour drained from their faces. (🌟SNT-look-scared!) Ted was towering over them and he pointed to the mess they had made. He reprimanded them for their inconsiderate behaviour. He realised they were shaking with fear. (🌟SNT-look-scared!) Ted softened his expression and explained that littering would badly affect the residents and environment around them. (🌟Mature!) The boys nodded their heads vigorously, too afraid to look Ted in the eye. (🌟SNT-look-scared!)

            “Now, please clear up this place and never do this again,” he reminded them with his hands on his hips. (🌟S+ST+AT!) Mortified, the boys quickly cleared up the void deck with sheepish looks. Within minutes, the void deck was spick and span once again and the boys scurried away without a glance back.

            Ted gave himself a pat on the back for finding the courage to protect Mother Earth! (🌟Link to topic!) He sincerely hoped he had taught the boys a valuable lesson that day.