Model Compositions

A Dilemma

By Annabelle Chee, Class SL1

(🌟* Began with a setting description! *) The glass door of the shopping mall slid open, as if welcoming him to its embrace. (🌟* personification! …

Commotion Outside The Classroom

By Celestyn Faye Collantes Tan, Y4, Class T2L3

(🌟Story starter: Speech!) “Hence, Perfect Tense is used when we are talking about…. “Mrs Amirah explained as she gestured animatedly with her …

The Worst Day of My Life

By Giselle Chong, Y6

(🌟Story starter: Speech!) “Nico Di Angelo, the hospital is calling you.” the teacher drawled as he handed the phone over. “Thank you, …

Saving Mother Earth

By How Kim, Y4

(🌟Story starter: Speech!) “Goodbye, I will see you tomorrow!” Tom hollered and waved farewell to his friends. It was a sweltering afternoon …

A Terrifying Incident

By Jadon Peng de la Mar, Y3

 It was a beautiful sunny day, and the (🌟 *weather description*) sun was high up in the sky, white fluffy clouds drifting about sleepily. It was ..

An Argument

By Jervyn Lew, Y3

 (🌟* S+ST+AT!*) “Hurry up, we’re going to be late!” my mother hollered as she waited at the front door. As quick as a lightning, (🌟*simile!*) I …

Indep Compo, Standing Up To A Wrong Act

By Lee Jia Shin, Y5, Class T2L7

The sun was a blazing ball of fire as Ruby dragged her feet under the sweltering sun. Not even the fluffy white clouds could penetrate the glare of …

Informal Letter

By Pey Yi Wong, F1

(🌟Intention!) I hope you are currently doing well. As for me, I am doing fine. Today, I was strolling along the pavement and saw a flyer …

Indep Compo, A Mishap

By Sebastian Tan, Y6, Class T2L7

(🌟Story starter: Weather Description!) Golden rays of sunlight beat down on the surface of the Earth, roasting everything in its path – perfect ….

An Inconsiderate Act

By Zoe Moo, Y5

 (✨Onomatopoeia!) RING! The school bell rang, signalling an end to the boring dull lesson and the wonderful start of recess. “Yippee! It’s …