write edge composition showcase

Indep Compo, Standing Up To A Wrong Act

By Lee Jia Shin, Y5, Class T2L7

Date: 23/4/2022

         The sun was a blazing ball of fire as Ruby dragged her feet under the sweltering sun. Not even the fluffy white clouds could penetrate the glare of the sun. Sweat beaded on Ruby’s forehead as she stopped to rest on the bench under a large evergreen tree with outstretched branches.

         Once Ruby turned around a corner on the sidewalk, she noticed a group of rowdy delinquents littering. The sidewalk looked as if a hurricane had swept through it. There was a cluttered mess of empty soda cans, straws and plastic bottles strewn all over the place. To make matters worse, the delinquents had emptied the dustbin and scattered the litter everywhere!

         As an advocate of the environment, Ruby gawked in dismay. Smoke poured out of her ears. She was a little afraid, but decided to stand up to the group of boys. “Stop it! How dare you litter everywhere on the sidewalk!” reprimanded Ruby as the whole world seemed to shake. However, the delinquents were much older than her and just laughed at her. With a smirk, they ambled away without cleaning up the chaotic mess.

            Ruby could not believe her eyes. “Well, if you won’t clean it up then I will!” fumed Ruby grudgingly as she threw five plastic bags into the dustbin. The next few minutes passed by quickly as Ruby cleared up the sidewalk. As soon as the place was spick and span as it was before, Ruby set off for home.

            Sauntering on the pavement, Ruby grinned from ear to ear. Even though she had to clean it up herself, she was proud of herself for standing up to a wrong act.