write edge composition showcase

Commotion Outside The Classroom

By Celestyn Faye Collantes Tan, Y4, Class T2L3

Date: 12/4/2022

              (🌟Story starter: Speech!) “Hence, Perfect Tense is used when we are talking about…. “Mrs Amirah explained as she gestured animatedly with her hands. We listened with our eyes glued to the whiteboard. Suddenly, our attention was rudely interrupted by a sudden shout. (🌟5 senses: hear!) There was a commotion outside the classroom! (🌟Clear link to topic!)

              Mrs Amirah hurried out of the classroom without a moment of hesitation. (🌟Crowd reaction!) Hushed whispers filled the air as students wondered what on earth had happened. As curiosity got the better of us, the students rose in unison and scampered (🌟Ways to say: ran!) towards the windows to see what was happening.

              A boy was standing in the middle of the corridor yelling at the teacher. It was Bagheera, the boy notorious for his disrespect towards authority. (🌟Character description!) As usual, he was challenging his teacher. “Return to your seat!” bellowed the teacher with her booming voice as she clenched her fists. (🌟S+ST+AT!) All of us held our breath, not knowing what to expect next.

              Bagheera kicked wildly at the garbage bin and hurled it at his teacher. “Who do you think you are?” he retorted in defiance as he shot the teacher a deathly glare. (🌟S+ST+AT!) Smoke was pouring out of both their ears. The teacher, realising they had an audience, came back to her senses. She slowly began to calm down and her clenched fists uncurled. The agitated boy, on the other hand, was huffing and puffing while his shoulders heaved up and down. (🌟SNT-do-angry!) Mrs Amirah snapped to attention and asked us to return to our seats.

              After a few quick words with the other teacher, Mrs Amirah resumed the lesson with a careful, blank face. (🌟SNT-look-calm!) She did not reveal what had happened but we later heard that Bagheera was sent to the principal’s office and was suspended for a month for causing a commotion outside the classroom. (🌟Link to topic!) He had to pay the price for his insolent behaviour. (🌟Consequences!)