For children, learning how to write in English can be difficult. It calls for a blend of imagination and scepticism, and attention to details. Despite their best efforts, kids frequently commit writing blunders that can diminish the quality of their work. The most common errors students make when writing in English are discussed in this article, along with suggestions for corrections.

Spelling mistakes

Spelling problems are among the most frequent blunders that students make when writing in English. Misspelled words can make it difficult to read a piece of writing and damage the author’s command of the language. To eliminate these mistakes, kids should get in the habit of using a spell checker tool to correct their spelling mistakes.

Poorly constructed sentences

Poor sentence construction is another error that kids frequently make. Children can compose phrases that are either hard to understand, incomplete or illogical. To improve, kids should practise condensing their work into shorter sentences to correct bad sentence structure. Pupils should also learn how to connect concepts with transitional words and phrases to improve the flow of their writing.

Unreliable Verb Tenses

Another typical error in English writing involves the verb tense. Within a single sentence or paragraph, kids may alternate between past, present, and future tenses. The reader may become confused by this contradiction, which makes the work challenging to read. Kids should learn to recognise the tenses they are using and make sure they maintain consistency throughout their writing in order to avoid this error.

Missing Details

Children could also make the error of not including enough information in their writing. They might use ambiguous or generic language, leaving the reader with too little context to grasp their intended message. Kids could practise utilising descriptive language to enhance their writing to correct this error. They should include specifics that help the reader visualise in picturing the event or understand the character’s emotions.

Limited vocabulary

Kids frequently make the error of using inadequate vocabulary. They might repeatedly use the same words or rely on simple, uninspired terminology, which fails to add depth to their writing. Kids should practise reading extensively and utilising a thesaurus to look out synonyms for common terms in order to correct this error.


Mastering English writing is a talent that requires time and practice. Even the finest writers occasionally make mistakes, but students may raise the quality of their writing by recognising and correcting these common errors. Enrolling your child in an English writing class for kids will allow you to provide them with individualised instruction from a qualified writing teacher who will help them avoid frequent blunders and advance their writing abilities. Your youngster can develop into a proficient writer who can communicate clearly and effectively with some practice practice and coaching.