Our Team

Our Team

Our Qualified Teachers

Teacher Nicolette

Co-founder of Write Edge Learning Centre

Master of Education in English Language
National Institute of Education

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English Literature
Nanyang Technological University

A dedicated, goal-driven and resourceful educator, Teacher Nicolette has over 10 years of experience in teaching English and Writing. She is adept at creating a safe and positive classroom learning environment and having clear, written-out learning goals for each student.

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Teacher Eileen

Co-founder of Write Edge Learning Centre

B.A. Business Management
University of London

Teaching experience of 10 years
Creative Writing Teacher for 5 years

In the past 10 years, Teacher Eileen has amassed experience in teaching students aged 5 to 12 from different backgrounds.

She has a keen interest in teaching the English language and believes that providing children with opportunities to establish positive learning dispositions will go a long way.

Teacher Jun Eng

M.A Higher Education and Student Administration
Beijing Normal University

Passion, Patience, Perseverance is what Teacher Jun believes in her years of teaching career. Using her lively energy, Teacher Jun’s classroom is always a joyous place to learn English.

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Teacher Jocelyn

Bachelor of English (Hons), TESL
UNITAR International University

A committed and vibrant educator, Teacher Jocelyn has over 8 years of experience in teaching the English language. She is an accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons

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Teacher WoonKwan Siew

B.A. (Hons), International Business
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Teacher Kwan is a patient and kind English teacher with teaching experience nurturing preschoolers and primary students. She believes that English can be fun especially

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Teacher Kelly

Bachelor of Science (Hons), Psychology
International Medical University

Teacher Kelly has always had a passion for working with children. Even when she was a schoolgirl at the tender age of fourteen, she had started tutoring both English and Maths. As she grew older, her love for teaching and

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Teacher Christopher Lai

Bachelor of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

Teacher Chris is a dedicated teacher and mentor who has been fulfilling his purpose and duty in the frontline of education for the past 6 years. He nurtures children and adolescents in developing habitual readership, skilled

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Teacher Wendy Ong

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BBA) (Hons) (Finance)
Universiti Utara Malaysia ( Northern University of Malaysia)

Teaching English has always been a passion for Teacher Wendy who started tutoring primary students during her school days. Being an active member in Toastmasters has further developed

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Teacher Thivesni Guna

BBA Finance with Multimedia
Multimedia University

Teacher Thivesni is a numbers person by profession and has a knack of using the English language to her strength to decipher the most complex analysis. She believes in the strength of using words that are precise to the condition as any single mistake always unravels in ways we cannot understand or comprehend at the end of the day.

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Teacher Jarzreen

MA in English Literature
University of Malaya

Bachelor of Human Sciences in English Language and Literature (hons.)
Islamic University Malaysia

Teacher Jarzreen believes that stories have the power to paint the world and shape the people in it. Her love for literature started when she was six, 

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Teacher Susann

Masters of Applied Linguistics
University Putra Malaysia

Teacher Susann believes that even adults can learn from students. She believes that in a classroom, teaching and learning should be done both ways in which the student learns from the teacher and the teacher also learns from the student. Doing so builds and nurtures their imagination, which can move them to different lengths.

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Teacher Alea

Masters of English Language Studies 
University of Malaya

Being a writer has always been fascinating to me, telling stories, and capturing the minds of readers. 

Although, life has it that I stumbled upon the role of a part-time English teacher almost 10 years ago at a language centre teaching primary and lower secondary school students, and conducting English camps at schools in several states.

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Teacher Stephanie

Certification Early Child Development, Gymboree
GCE ‘N’ Level | Singapore

With over 20 years of experience in early years and primary education, I am an experienced teacher passionate about holistic development in children. My understanding of early child development and curriculum formulation has aided me in managing classrooms, preparing learning materials, developing curricula, and monitoring student progress.

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Teacher Yuki

B. Ed in TESL (Hons)
HELP University

Teacher Yuki strongly believes that reflection is an integral part of the learning process, and she prioritises learning-by-thinking, where learners are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by setting goals, reflecting on their progress, and coming up with ways to perform better.

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Teacher Elaine

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
English Language and Literature Studies
Universiti Sains Malaysia

A responsible, creative, and people-oriented educator, Elaine Young has 2 years of experience in teaching the English language. Since she is an avid reader and loves literature, she has decided to take up English Language and Literature as a degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

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Teacher Edward

Master of Clinical Psychology
HELP University

With a background in clinical psychology and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Teacher Edward has spent the past 10 years providing therapy services for children with special needs as well as serving in other related educational capacities.

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Teacher Sandeep Singh

Masters in Education, English Language
University Science Malaysia

Introducing Sandeep, a remarkable educator with a versatile background in both English and Educational Management, making him a master of crafting personalized classroom experiences that cater precisely to his students’ unique personalities and learning preferences.

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