write edge composition showcase

A Terrifying Incident

By Jadon Peng de la Mar, Y3

Date: 23/4/2022

            It was a beautiful sunny day, and the (🌟 *weather description*) sun was high up in the sky, white fluffy clouds drifting about sleepily. It was the perfect weather and I decided to go for a quick jog around the park. As I was jogging, I noticed rows upon rows of beautiful roses and found many species of birds tweeting about in the canopy of leaves.  (🌟 *setting description*)

           After a long time of jogging and exploring around the park, I started to get a bit tired and decided to find a shady spot to rest. A few minutes later, I found a vacant (🌟 *interesting vocab*) bench and sat down. Suddenly, I heard a hissing sound (🌟 *5 senses: hear*) coming from behind me. I quickly spun my head around to find a green, poisonous-looking snake staring at me dead in the eyes. (🌟 *S+ST+AT*) “Ahh!” I shrieked as my legs turned to jelly. I was petrified and I was transfixed by the scene as my foot stood rooted firmly on the spot. (🌟 *word bank + impressive phrase!*) I did not know what to do. Just then, I had a brilliant idea. I bolted towards the nearest telephone booth and quickly called the animal welfare officers.

         (🌟 *VSS*) After what seemed like forever, I saw the officers coming towards me and I reported the whole incident to them. The officers knew just what to do and captured the snake professionally. Gingerly, they put it in a bag. One of the officers ruffled with my hair and praised me for staying calm and doing the right thing. Through this experience, (🌟 *lessons learnt!*) I learnt that I should stay more calm in the future when it comes to dangerous situations. It was an unforgettable and terrifying incident that would stay on my mind for a long time to come! (🌟 *link to topic!*)

The End